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    • 2015 IRC Deck Building

      This class is a “from the ground to handrail” look at building a deck to meet the building codes. Every year somewhere a deck fails, and someone gets hurt or worse. Our job requires we take a detailed look at deck plans and conduct responsible onsite inspections. This class will try to help you meet that goal.

    • 2018 Residential Code Changes

      This course is for Contractors and Inspectors that encounter construcJon codes daily in their acJviJes. Students will be updated on the code changes for the residenJal and commercial codes relaJng to Pennsylvania. The NEC-2017 will also be covered in this course. This course provides

    • Applying Building codes to Cannabis Facilities

      Something new on the code scene but not that scary. The use is very similar to types you may already be familiar with.

    • Commercial Kitchens

      What I hope will be a reasonable look at the total restaurant, not just the hood. I start at the parking lot (ADA starts there) and walk us through the Building, Plumbing, Fire and Mechanical requirements.

    • Concrete

      This course will cover the the following subjects: ACI 332 - Footers & Walls - Discussing the requirements when using stepped / jump footers. How to achieve a continuous footing without using formed jumps. Includes the design for rebar placement and anchors. Superior Wall Inspections - Focusing on why/how the systems work and what an inspector should be on the lookout for. Frost Protection Shallow Footers - How using insulation properly sized and place can reduce the depth of your foundation.

    • Fire Resistant Design

      A look at the typical methods used to safely separate Residential Uses with NFPA 13R & 13D

    • Property Maintenance Inspections

      The course will be based on the 2015 International Property Maintenance Code. Classroom discussion will include Scope and Applications, Enforcement, General Requirement and Physical elements of buildings.

    • Residential Electric Update

      This course is designed for Contractors, Electricians and Residential Electrical Inspectors. The course is based on the 2018 International Residential Codes and the NEC 2017. It will also cover utility requirements for services. The course will cover the requirements for temporary services, residential services for single and multi-family dwellings, Arc-fault and GFCI’s, Generators, Panels, and general wiring requirements.

    • Residential Provisions 2015 International Energy Conservation

      Everybody’s favorite…not really. The Energy Code has been confusing from day one and keeps changing with every edition. Primary focus will be on Residential.

    • Safety Glazing

      This class is designed to explain the various locations where safety glazing is required. The primary emphasis is on residential uses, however many of the requirements are also found in commercial uses. We will look at the most common locations along with the most common misunderstood code requirements. Alternative methods to comply for the code requirements will also be discussed.

    • Superior Walls

      This course teaches the inspector the proper plan review and inspection process for Superior wall foundations. It will cover the construction of the walls, the proper footers, how the IRC pertains to these walls and the proper method of attaching decks to these walls.

    • Swimming Pools Based on 2014 NEC

      The requirements contained in article 680 apply to the instillation of electrical wiring and equipment for swimming pools, spas, hot tubs and hydromassage tubs. The overriding concern of this article is to keep people and electricity separated. This course will explore this article in detail.

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