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About NETI

The Northeast Training Institute is a 11,000 square foot training facility located in Bloomsburg, PA. NETI is offering classroom, online and hands-on courses for home inspectors, ICC and UCC residential and commercial code inspector. NETI is an ICC certified testing facility.
At the heart of the training center is the InterNachi® House of Horrors® 3. The two story building built within the training center. The house includes a basement and attic, miswired electrical outlets, incorrectly installed furnaces and badly-joined sewage pipes designed to test the skill set of new home inspectors, affording them 1,000 examples of how things look when they go wrong.
NETI is partnering with local schools and universities, along with organizations in need of a state-of-art classroom environments to teach courses.

Inspect better than the best.

House of Horrors® 3

Number of Defects


InterNachi's® House of Horror's® 3 will test inspectors abilities to spot and document building issues. Self-guided and instructor training available!

Do you need a classroom or event space for training?

NETI is home to two state-of-art teaching classrooms available for rent. Classrooms are outfitted with projection, surround audio, and interactive touchscreens. Contact us to find out more!